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Development of a test bench for the inline determination of the molten pool depth during the joining of additively manufactured structures and thermoplastic FRPs using a laser

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Authors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, M. Sc. Max Ophüls, M. Sc. Daniel Schneider, Dr. Kai Fischer
A test bench for the inline analysis of the influencing variables during the joining of semi-finished products which are reinforced with continuous fibres and have functionalisation elements was developed at the Institute for Plastics Processing. In the presented investigations, semi-finished products reinforced with continuous fibres are joined with additively manufactured functional elements. In this respect, the heating operation is carried out with a combination of infrared radiators and local exposure to laser radiation. With the aid of the test bench, the inline measurement of the molten pool depth is implemented for process analysis for the first time. In the presented investigations, the resulting joining force is investigated depending on the molten pool depth measured inline.
Pages: 84 - 91
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This article appeared in issue 2 (2021).

Issue 2 (2021)
Joining Plastics
Issue 2 (2021)
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