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Simulation and adhesive bonding of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics

Peer-reviewed papers

Authors: M. Sc. Julian Hesselbach, Dr. Eduard Kraus, Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Baudrit, Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Hochrein, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Bastian, Dr. Olaf Hesebeck, Dr. Vinicius Carillo Beber
The investigations presented here concentrate on adhesive bonding for the joining of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics with aluminium. Surface pretreatment is essential for the reliable adhesive bonding of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics. Various procedures were compared in this respect. This also exerts effects on the long-time resistances of the joints which were investigated in rapid ageing tests. The utilisation in lightweight construction requires the designing of the adhesive-bonded joint. Therefore, another main focal point of the work related to methods for modelling and parameter identification.
Pages: 92 - 99
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This article appeared in issue 2 (2021).

Issue 2 (2021)
Joining Plastics
Issue 2 (2021)
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