The bilingual (German/English) JOINING PLASTICS publication exclusively covers its title subject area. Application-oriented, peer-reviewed technical articles present the latest developments and state-of-the-art for series welding and joining of plastics in pipeline, tank and machinery construction.

Issue 1 (2021)

Issue Highlights:
Process design and influencing factors in the case of the welding of foamed thermoplastics (TSG)

This paper presents factors influencing the joining process of molded parts produced by foam injection molding.

Using screw blind clinch riveting for the joining of metal parts with composites in the case of accessibility from one side

In order to attain the sociopolitical climate objectives, constant improvements with different approaches ...

Manufacturing of plastics-metal-hybrid-composites by backmolding of resistance welded metal mesh

Combining the beneficial properties of plastics and metals in hybrid composites is one of the major goals ...

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