The bilingual (German/English) JOINING PLASTICS publication exclusively covers its title subject area. Application-oriented, peer-reviewed technical articles present the latest developments and state-of-the-art for series welding and joining of plastics in pipeline, tank and machinery construction.

Issue 2 (2022)

Issue Highlights:
Dimensioning and optimisation of directly screwed joints between parts which are made of ABS and are 3D-printed in the FDM procedure

Additive manufacturing is a widespread standard in prototype construction in particular and is characterised by high degrees of design-related freedom and flexibility. Disadvantages are to be found in the long manufactur...

Welding of laser-sintered and injection-moulded plastic components

The weldability of laser-sintered and injection-moulded plastic components was investigated for the ultrasonic and heated tool welding procedures. Polypropylene, mineral-filled Polyamide 6 as well as unfilled and glass-b...

Investigations into the utilisation properties and procedural limits of thermal direct joining

Thermal direct joining offers a very promising approach to the joining of thermoplastics and metals. In spite of reproducible joint formation, the path into industrial application frequently failed due to the lack of a k...

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