The bilingual (German/English) JOINING PLASTICS publication exclusively covers its title subject area. Application-oriented, peer-reviewed technical articles present the latest developments and state-of-the-art for series welding and joining of plastics in pipeline, tank and machinery construction.

Issue 1 (2023) Volume 17

Issue Highlights:
Development of scale-up rules for the quasisimultaneous laser transmission welding (QSW) of thermoplastics

One advantage of laser transmission welding is the production of particle- free welds which meet the optical demands. In order to simplify this procedure and thus to increase the utilisation, there is a need for rules wh...

Development and analysis of a joining strategy for FPC/metal mixed joints on the basis of the CMT pin welding technology

This article portrays the development, adjustment and investigation of the innovative pin welding technology for the joining of thermoplastic fibre/ plastic composites with metallic joining members. In comparison with ot...

Characteristic weld values for the designing of high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic components with optimised service lives

Because of their thermal and mechanical properties, high-temperature- resistant thermoplastics are being utilised to an increasing extent. However, the welding of components made of high-temperature thermoplastics often...

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